Camera-Compatible Walking Sticks Are Perfect Tool For Nature Shots During Winter Hikes

rustic walking stick for photographyThe chance to escape a world of commotion and explore the sights and sounds of nature are two of the reasons why walkers and hikers value their excursions so much. The opportunity to truly get away from it all doesn’t come often but when it does, we want to capture it and take those memories home with us.


That’s why a rustic-style photo-assisting walking stick is such a crucial investment for the avid hiker and photographer; it gives you the chance to “capture” two birds with one stone. First, you’ll be exploring the nature you love so much with a steady walking or hiking stick at your side, and second, you’ll have a dependable device to steady your camera while taking photos of wildlife and nature. If you’ve recently received a DSLR camera as a holiday gift, here’s why a walking stick that doubles as a monopod is one accessary that won’t be collecting dust in the closet come spring.


For starters, the best walking sticks that double as camera supports offer the ability to attach most of today’s DSLRs with a photo mount screw. If your camera attaches to a tripod, it will attach to these dual-purpose walking sticks. All you’ll have to do is sling your camera strap around your shoulder or neck and keep an eye out for awe-inspiring shots or wildlife in their natural habitat. This type of walking stick is truly an essential addition to the nature photographer’s hiking kit.


The rugged construction and durability of a rustic walking stick for photography ensures that it’s made to stand up against the varying natural terrain you’re bound to encounter. The sticks are carved from hand-selected hickory sticks that are cut and sanded individually to offer a one-of-a-kind appearance, and can be used on walks and hikes with or without a camera. If you’re looking for something that’s a far cry from aluminum poles, a camera-compatible walking stick is certainly an option that does double-duty and will enhance both nature treks and photography.


For more personalization, or if you’re buying a gift for the hiker/photographer in your life, the sticks can be engraved with names, important dates, or a favorite phrase. Create a memorable gift and make the photographer smile by personalizing their photo stick.


Now that it’s winter, those living in colder climates across the U.S. will likely have the opportunity to explore forests, riverbeds and hilly regions coated with a fresh layer of untouched snow. These breath-taking shots will impress friends, family and fellow photographers alike. Similarly, the chance to snap a few pictures of animals foraging for food or birds that have migrated to different regions of the country can be irresistible photo opps for photographers. With a walking stick that helps to steady you when you’re moving and your camera when you’re shooting, you’ll have the support you need to click the shutter at a moment’s notice even on uneven terrain, or when using a telephoto lens. Merge one of these sturdy sticks with water-proof boots and gloves, snowshoes and insulated pants and you’ll have a kit  that will give you increased range as you explore the world around you in search of unique shots this winter.

Encroaching Winter Weather Offers Opportunity For Trekkers To Invest In Quality Hiking Stick

brazos walking sticksWhile each season offers a unique vista for hikers to stumble upon and appreciate, it’s arguably the winter months that are the overwhelming favorite among trekkers. That’s because Mother Nature’s paintbrush is in full effect come winter and is capable of creating some truly stunning vistas during this cooler period. A sea of leaf-less trees, untouched snowfall, glistening sunlight and unobstructed views of your surroundings all await. When you look out the window at home and know that the scenery which awaits will be breathtaking, dedicated hikers can hardly wait to get out and hit their favorite trails. Even those who live in climates that are pleasant year-round have the chance to better appreciate their surroundings thanks to seasonal temperatures that are typically far from oppressive during winter months.


While winter is a preferred time for solo trekkers or whole families to get out and explore, there are a number of tools that experienced hikers will suggest procuring before hitting the trails. Some essentials include a compass for path-finding in the event of an emergency, a parka or rain coat for inclement weather and hiking sticks that are crucial for conquering tough terrain. When in the market for a hiking stick that’s going to perform on various terrain and also fit your frame and needs, it’s important to shop around and seek out a make and model designed with such diverse capabilities in mind.


For example, companies such as Brazos Walking Sticks have designed hiking sticks made of oak that are capable of standing up to winter weather. That’s because oak, as a high-density wood, will give adventurers of all ages the support they need when facing trails slick with spotty ice patches, wet from melting snow or blocked by fallen tree limbs. For many hikers, digital photography has become an accessible hobby with immediate results. With that in mind, some hiking sticks are currently available that have a mounting screw to attach cameras to. Best of all, this sassafras-based hiking stick boasts compatibility with any camera that can also be mounted to a tripod. The end result of using this type of device is unrivaled nature photography – especially in the winter when cardinals, eagles and hawks are common sights of the season.


As if this addition to your winter essentials kit wasn’t enough, the hiking sticks from Brazos can be personalized to become a true one-of-a-kind piece. If you’re searching for a meaningful holiday gift, this means custom engraving of the owner’s name or nickname, installation of medallions that can show off everything from military service to personal interests as well as the addition of spike tips or handle straps. Now that winter weather is about to descend upon much of the U.S. – while mercifully cooler temperatures will soon be found in most of the South and Midwest – it’s the perfect time to invest in a trustworthy, hand-crafted hiking stick!

Consider U.S.-Made Walking Sticks As Holiday Gift That Could Mean The World To The Recipient

trekking polesCooler weather is the harbinger of the holidays and as such, it’s typically the seasonal cue that lets us know it’s time to start searching for gifts. Problem is, it often takes most of us a few weeks to find the perfect present.

Fortunately, for those who know about our hand-crafted walking sticks and hiking sticks, normal holiday shopping stresses are a thing of the past. For those who don’t know much about our American made hiking and walking sticks or just want to know more about what their gift recipient can expect from our products, we’ve broken down some of the key points below.

Our hiking sticks and trekking poles are handcrafted pieces that are individually made in the U.S.A. by skilled craftspeople. These products help avid hikers more easily conquer the slippery trails and large rocks before them. Those who plan on gifting hiking sticks or trekking poles can truly customize the gift for the recipient. Customization options for these premium products are endless, and give shoppers the opportunity to create hiking sticks that are as unique as their loved ones. You can select the style of cane, type of wood, medallions that are inserted into the handle and engravings. Since you have a say in every single element, you’ll end up with an owner-specific item that’s definitely a one-of-a-kind, meaningful gift.  Here’s just one example: you could order a“Backpacker” style trekking pole made from oak and bearing a U.S. Army veteran medallion, with the owner’s rank and date of service engraved into the length of the stick. It’s truly a gift that can’t be duplicated!

Another option is our twisted walnut Derby-style walking stick for women that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. With our experts designing and constructing the walking stick, you can rest assured that you are providing the highest quality product on the market for your friend or loved one. Walking sticks make thoughtful holiday gifts that can be used every day to provide a little bit of extra convenience, stability and mobility for the recipient. Whether your friend or loved one is a retired police officer whose career took a toll on their body, or just someone who just needs extra assistance from time to time, our walking sticks make everything easier.

With the holiday season fast approaching, don’t let time slip by and the opportunity to order a custom hiking stick, walking stick, or even a cane pass right along with it. Rather, take time to peruse our selection and contact us so you can provide the best gift for your friend or loved one this holiday season.

How Do You Thank A Veteran? These Gift Ideas And Tips Show Right Way From Wrong

personalized walking sticks

How do you appropriately thank a veteran? It’s a question often pondered personally, but rarely posed to the veteran themselves. While most of those on the receiving end of such gratitude will often voice appreciation, there are many ways to recognize the sacrifices that servicemen and women have made to secure our way of life. From giving them useful gifts to volunteering at Veterans Day events to a simple “thank you” note sent in passing, we’ll explore the ways to show your appreciation that will undoubtedly resonate with the former military member in your life.


If  you want to give a gift that will quite literally go a long way, then you should consider the benefits of personalized walking sticks. That’s because these items are one of the best ways to ensure that a military veteran of any age can retain the mobility they need to carry out common tasks or take to more challenging geography. The reason why personalized walking sticks make such a great gift  for U.S. military veterans is due to the personalization options that the best manufacturers offer. That means you start with a wood blank and can pick a style that best suits your needs, be it a rustic design best suited for hiking or more common canes for day-to-day usage. The type of wood is also up to you, so personalized walking sticks can be made from hickory, bamboo, cedar and more. What we’re most proud of being able to offer our customers is the engraving process and medallion inserts. That means you can give the veteran in your life a walking stick with their name, rank and nickname and an accent that shows their branch of service, be it the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines or Coast Guard. You can pick from a number of fonts that best represent the veteran recipient and can add additional medallion inserts that also show off the hobbies that they are interested in, for example. The fact that non-military medallions can be  inserted into personalized walking sticks means that these items make a great gift for anyone who would benefit from a form of assistance that’s bound to see regular use.


While gifts are one of the best ways to express gratitude, there are other options that will  help you get the point across. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, there are best practices when it comes to saying “thanks.” That’s because those who’ve served may feel uncomfortable accepting such gratitude, knowing  that others they served with never made it home to hear a simple “thank you.” According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, those who wish to express thanks can volunteer at veteran-centric events, donate to veterans groups, visit a veterans home or hospital during the holidays or send an e-card, email or letter that simply shows how thankful you are. Of course, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs notes that there are other things you should never do when speaking with a veteran about their service, including asking them if they’ve ever hurt anyone.


Veterans Day in 2017 falls on Saturday, November 11. How you choose to thank the veteran in your life is up to you, but a heartfelt gesture or meaningful gift are likely to brighten anyone’s day – especially those who may need a little moral and physical support from time to time.

Practical Applications Of Customizable Canes, Walking Sticks Offers Life-Time Investment

Some purchases are motivated by mere impulse, while others are a downright necessity. You’ll know the difference between the two when one gathers dust on the shelf and the other sees daily usage. People of any age who are looking for a little added mobility to make day-to-day tasks just a little bit easier should see canes and walking sticks as an undoubtedly wise investment. Many may erroneously think that they can get by just fine without the assistance of these walking aids. To those people, we’d encourage you to ask anyone who has purchased a walking stick or cane to ask the owners about how it has improved their lives. That’s because these aids make movement so much easier.

Think about it this way: You want to retain your independence and freedom of movement, but your body isn’t always willing to cooperate. Why not invest in a cane or walking stick to give you a little something to lean on while walking around the house, hiking through the woods or traversing the aisles of your favorite store? When you think about the practical applications, there’s no question that purchasing one of these tools is going to make your life all the more easier and pleasant.

What’s more, canes and walking sticks from companies such as Brazos Walking Sticks can be customized to fit the owner’s preference. The hiking aids, which are all individually hand-crafted and made in the U.S., come in varieties for both men and women. Finding the style you want is easy, as these products fall into the categories of “craftsman,” “rustic” walking sticks and canes – all offering unique designs with plenty of personality. Better yet, you can choose from a wide variety of woods, such as oak, hickory, walnut or more – from which your personal cane can be crafted. However, many cane and walking stick owners feel that the true selling point is the personalization of their tool. Proud members of the U.S. armed forces can have their name, military branch and dates served laser-engraved into their cane. Those who simply want to personalize their cane or walking stick can do so by having their name carved into the walking aid. Other medallions or practical tools, such as a thermometer, can also be inserted into your walking stick to further make your hiking aid truly yours. For indoor and outdoor needs, owners can also order a “spike” for their walking stick or a rubber cap to ensure safer usage outside or indoors, respectively.

Whether you think it’s time to invest in a hiking stick for yourself or you’re researching canes as a purchase for a loved one, the customization makes either choice a one-of-a-kind piece of functional artwork. Add to this the fact that the proud owner of a new cane or walking stick will have an easier time getting around — and feel safer in the process — and it simply makes sense to opt for this investment.

Canes Help Keep Seniors On Their Feet As U.S. Life Expectancy Continues To Climbs

Even as the average retirement age steadily increases, American seniors are predicted to have plenty of time to themselves after clocking out of work once and for all. That’s because the typical U.S. lifespan is expected to hit slightly more than 83 years for women and 79 years for men come 2030. We ask that you take a moment and compare this lifespan expectancy to the fact that the average age of retirement is 63 and you’ll see that there is at least a decade or more of personal time remaining. As we all know, with age comes medical conditions that may make movement a bit harder than we remember from our younger years. If your loved one still wants to get out and about, but needs the assistance of a cane, we encourage you to continue reading and understand the issues surrounding our elderly population and what you can do to make that transition a little bit easier.

According to a CNBC report from early 2017, the current life expectancy in the U.S. is 76.5 for men and 81.2 for women. The data comes from the English medical journal “Lancet,” and the report adds that the gap between men and women is expected to close as “lifestyles become more similar to one another.” Further, the report notes that the steady increase in global life expectancy is tied to improvements in elder care. What’s more, studies show that the growth of exercise and aerobic outlets for seniors is keeping this population healthier for longer periods of time. If your loved one wants to stay on their feet, then canes  may be one of the most thoughtful purchases you can make. That’s because by shopping with companies like Brazos Walking Sticks, you can choose from a customizable inventory that is handcrafted in the U.S.

Walking sticks and canes available today can be created from a variety of woods – such as maple, walnut and hickory – and come in many styles for both men and women, including rustic, smooth or traditional. Whether your loved one requires a cane to assist them with outdoor adventures, for simply getting around or as a tool to lean upon during prolonged periods of standing, a cane can mean the difference between a sense of defeat or newfound independence.

What’s more, the best companies currently crafting canes can customize them with all sorts of  information to truly make the cane an accessory and statement piece, rather than a simple utilitarian tool. The owner’s name, nickname, hobby, branch of military service and more can be engraved into the side of their cane , showing the legacy they’ve created and ensuring their cane is a treasured and personalized part of their everyday activities.

Consider Custom Walking Sticks for Veterans to Commemorate their Service During Military Appreciation Month

The bond between brothers and sisters in arms last a lifetime. For those who’ve served together — no matter at home, abroad or shoulder to shoulder in armed conflict — the time spent in the service becomes a part of who you are. In our later years, the desire to reconnect with our fellow servicemen and servicewomen becomes stronger. We wonder where they live now and how the family they always talked about are doing. We stop and pause when thinking about if they would recognize us if passing by on the sidewalk. This may be an emotional moment, but it’s important to always be proud of who you were and those you met while serving the United States of America.


May is Military Appreciation Month, and what better gift for the veteran in your family than a custom walking stick or cane? These unique and useful souvenirs can be custom-designed to display the owner’s name and dates of service, as well as include a medallion for a specific brand of service. Custom canes and walking sticks are daily reminders of how their owners served this country during times of both conflict and peace.


Walking sticks of all types have been shown to increase mobility and confidence, while also improving posture due to the upright nature of the device. After a lifetime of hard work, why not reward your special veteran with an extra form of assistance? Personalized walking sticks are a great gift for military members and veterans alike as a way of preserving their legacy. You can select the style of the custom walking stick, the type of wood it will be crafted from, the medallion that’s embedded in the walking stick and the text that the custom piece will bare.


U.S. Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard members and veterans will forever appreciate a walking stick that lets everyone know that they are proud of their decision to serve protect this country. These handcrafted, made in the U.S., strong and reliable items are useful with day-to-day mobility,  or as aids for avid hikers.


According to Veterans Administration statistics, there are projected to be 21 million veterans of all ages across the U.S. as of September 2017. That’s an impressive legion and to those who belong, a bond that lasts forever. Why not let the loved one in your life tell everyone who passes them by that they helped make this way of life possible?

Improve Your Hiking Performance with Brazos Hiking Sticks

As spoken by Aristotle, “In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” Hiking allows us to experience the beauty of nature and become more connected to ourselves and the world around us. In addition, hiking improves our mood and keeps us healthy and fit. Hiking offers many spiritual, mental, and physical benefits and is an enjoyable activity for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Whether you’re going on a long trek or have mobility issues, hiking sticks can maximize your hiking experience and performance. They can reduce strain on your leg muscles and joints, while increasing mobility, speed, and endurance. Here are some of the advantages of hiking sticks:

  • Reduce strain and pain. When you walk with a hiking stick, you exert less pressure on your leg muscles and knee joints. Research shows hiking sticks can reduce compressive forces on your knees by up to 25% when hiking downhill and by about 5% when walking on level ground. Another study found hiking sticks can reduce pressure stain on the opposite leg by up to 20%.
  • Improve balance and mobility. While some hiking trails are paved, many involve walking on uneven or slippery terrain, such as loose rock, mud, or snow. A hiking stick increases your balance, mobility, and traction, so you can move more easily, efficiently, and safely. A walking stick is especially helpful if you have balance issues and when crossing rivers and streams.
  • Increase speed and endurance. A hiking stick spreads the work out between your lower and upper body, allowing you to hike longer distances before getting tired. At the same time, a hiking stick helps you keep a consistent rhythm and walk at a quicker pace, especially on flat and non-technical trails.

To improve your hiking experience and performance, utilize a high-quality hiking stick. Hiking sticks from Brazos exhibit the highest quality craftsmanship and construction. Made in the USA, our hiking sticks are made from the finest native and exotic woods and handmade by local artisans in Texas. Visit Brazos online today to browse our beautiful and sturdy hiking sticks.

Thank Those Who Served with a Handmade Brazos Walking Stick

walking-stickThe military, police officers, and firefighters all risk their lives to keep us and our country safe. Give back to those who have served you and your country with a handmade Brazos walking stick. Difficulty walking and climbing stairs is the most common disability among disabled veterans. A walking stick improves balance and mobility for disabled and older veterans, while serving as a personal memento of their sacrifice and service. Read on to discover the benefits of Brazos walking sticks and canes for retired police officers, firefighters, and veterans.

Improve balance and mobility

As people age daily physical activities like walking become more difficult. This is especially true for veterans and retired police officers and firefighters, as they have endured a career of tough physical work. A cane or walking stick provides a walking aid that improves your balance and mobility. With a walking stick, walking becomes much easier, allowing retired veterans to remain active. Additionally, a walking stick forces you to move in an upright position and maintain good posture.

Handmade in the USA

Brazos walking sticks aren’t like your average walking stick. They exhibit the highest quality craftsmanship. Each Brazos walking cane and walking stick is individually crafted from the finest native and exotic woods, such as hickory, sassafras, iron bamboo, and sweet gum. All Brazos products are handcrafted by local artisan craftsmen in Central Texas, near the Brazos River. Most of the walking sticks are harvested in the nearby woods of Eastern Texas, Arkansas, Western Louisiana, and the high mountain deserts of New Mexico.


Customization with laser engraving is available for all Brazos walking sticks and canes. Personalizing a walking stick makes it uniquely yours. For instance, a walking stick can be laser engraved with a veteran’s name and military branch or a retired firefighter’s name and fire department. Accessories like a whistle or compass can also be added to further customize the walking stick.

Thank your loved ones for their service with a Brazos walking stick. The general benefits of walking sticks, combined with Brazos’s high-quality craftsmanship and customization, makes a walking stick or cane the perfect gift.

Can You Answer These Quiz Questions?

Get to know more about what we do at Brazos. See if you can answer these questions!
Answers are below.

  1. What was our top-selling stick last year?
  2. What was our top-selling cane last year?
  3. Which wood is the most popular?
  4. How many canes and sticks did we sell last year?
  5. What was the first walking stick Brazos ever produced?
  6. What is the tallest stick we ever made?
  7. What is our #1 selling accessory?


Brazos Walking Sticks handcrafted made in USA wood walking sticks and canes









  1. American Hardwood
  2. Natural Hardwood Root Cane
  3. Hickory
  4. 93,946
  5. Backpacker Oak Walking Stick
  6. 88 inches
  7. Engraving






Gain Stability for Yourself and Your Camera

Why does professional photographer, Kent Weakley, use a Brazos walking stick as part of his photography equipment?

A Brazos Photo Stick gives you the versatility of a walking stick and a monopod in one! The secret is that its top screws off to reveal a standard 1/4-20 tripod mount thread.

Here are four reasons it makes sense to carry one on your hikes:

  • Helps you keep your balance on uneven terrain. Some of your hikes to find that perfect shot may take you off the trail where you’ll encounter loose soil, rocks and sloping ground. Your Brazos Photo Stick will help you gain better traction – especially if you add a spike to the tip.
  • Creates a stable platform for your camera. If you’re off in the woods and want to photograph a bird or animal, you may be afraid of the dim conditions and your long zoom could produce a camera shake. Just pop the top of the photo stick, attach your DSLR, and you’re ready and steady for a great photo.
  • Lightens your load. Tripods are bulky. If you need to carry one in addition to your camera equipment and other supplies, your pack can get quickly overloaded. The Brazos Photo Stick, with its two-in-one versatility, can provide stability for both you and your camera without weighing you down.
  • Keeps you prepared to capture prize-winning shots at a moment’s notice. Some one-of-a kind photo opportunities can disappear in under a minute. Like that rare bird landing right in front of you or that buck staring at you through the trees. In the time it takes to pull a tripod out of your bag and set up your camera, they could be gone. With your photo stick already in hand, you can capture the photo much faster.

Need more reasons? Watch Kent’s video to learn more.

Shop Brazos Photo Sticks

Meet Warren Owen, Founder of Brazos Walking Sticks

Warren-OwenMy wife and I were married in the spring of 1979, and moved into a used single-wide mobile home on five acres just north of Waco. A friendly neighbor tilled up a small area behind our home and we planted our first garden. We eventually moved to a larger place just down the road, but I still began most mornings checking on my quarter-acre organic garden and small assortment of chickens, sheep, dogs and one little Jersey milk cow.

The same year we got married, I built a small workshop on our land and started making wooden picture frames. It was a passion of mine from the beginning to produce high-quality products made right here in Texas.

The Birth of Brazos Walking Sticks

In 1996, an idea for an addition to our picture frame company came from a good friend and neighbor of mine. With experience and training in England as a master woodworker, he had designed and produced a small line of high-quality staffs and canes which he sold at local craft fairs. Given my woodworking background, he suggested I take his operation and expand it.

Brazos Walking Sticks was BORN.

We started as a small, family-run operation with only a couple of artisan craftsmen. In fact, one of them is still with us today. One of the first sticks we ever created was the Hitchhiker Twisted Oak Walking Stick, which is still a top seller today.

20 Years Later

We are celebrating our 20-year anniversary this year! Even though we’ve grown since then and are producing thousands of sticks per year (in fact, 93,946 last year), we still make each stick by hand, using the same techniques we learned from my British friend. Most of our craftsmen are friends and neighbors who work in a cottage industry environment near their homes.

I appreciate all of you for being our customers and believing in what we do. Thanks for your support for the last 20 years!

Walking Sticks, Fly Fishing and Trout

Self Portrait PictureMy name is Jack Althoff. I was asked to be a guest blogger for Brazos this summer due to my love of the outdoors. I grew up in the city of Chicago, but spent most of my life looking for the best fishing spots outside the city, primarily on the many lakes of Wisconsin. I’m naturally inclined towards building and fixing things and have a great respect for Mother Nature. I was in the Marines when I was younger and take great pride in our country.

I love fly fishing new streams with my clumsy waders, three boxes of flies and 10’ rod. Rushing water requires some pretty good balance. Even with good balance, you rarely know what your next step is going to be. Everything is active and moving in a creek or river. Water depth changes quickly and often you have to navigate rocks and holes. Sometimes, sand and mud even get thrown into the mix.


What I generally bring along to make navigating and balance a little easier and safer is a long walking stick with a tether that can connect to my wader clip. I have a couple aluminum ones, but the wooden types seem to be more functional. They float downstream behind me while I cast, and I generally know where it will be because the current keeps it to my leeward side. And while they are floating, there is no extra weight.  The aluminum ones also tend to bump the rocks as they drag along and I think that spooks the trout, especially on a sunny day.

For fishing, I’d recommend the Brazos 58-inch Twisted Oak Trekker Walking Stick in the lightest color possible (Natural). That way, if you lay it down on the shore, it will be easy to see. Longer sticks have more leverage in general and are more comfortable to carry

Here are a few other ways a long stick comes in handy for fishing and camping:

  1. Propping up a rain tarp
  2. Hanging up wet socks (or other things if you fall in)
  3. Knocking down dead sticks for firewood that are still up in a tree
  4. Catching your hat in the river, as it blows off your head and heads downstream
  5. Lashing a knife to the end to make an impromptu spear or fishing gig

Just a little advice for your next fly fishing adventure!

Any questions? Leave a comment!

7 Reasons People Love the Brazos Free Form Hickory Walking Stick

With all the walking sticks we offer, how do you tell which one is right for you? Our most popular stick by far is the Free Form Hickory. But why do people love it and is it the one for you? Check out its main benefits and find out if it would be a good fit for you!

  1. Helps you look younger
    Some reviewers (even those in their 90s) report loving this stick because it gives them a more youthful appearance than a cane.
  1. Keeps you balanced on rough trails and wilderness hikes
    Many people use the Free Form Hickory as a hiking stick or trekking pole. It helps you keep your balance on uneven surfaces — when walking uphill, on rocky ground or across slippery streams.
  1. Gets you noticed
    The beautiful, smooth, finely-finished wood makes this walking stick a functional work of art. When you use it, people will notice!
  1. Helps you fend off snakes or wild animals
    Hickory is strong, solid and very hard. It’s what they use to make baseball bats, so it would stand to reason it would be the right stick to carry for protection.
  1. Protects you from falls
    It’s a fairly heavy stick that will hold you up if you feel a bit light headed or weak.
  1. Improves your posture
    When you use a cane, you can tend to bend over more. With a walking stick, you will still stand up straighter.
  1. Built to last beyond this generation
    This hearty stick will be with you for years to come and you can even pass it down to your children. Like all our walking sticks, the Free Form Hickory has a lifetime guarantee.

Why do you love the Free Form Hickory stick? Tell us in the comments!

My Favorite National Park Experiences

On a cool, crisp April afternoon my lovely family and I pulled up to Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park, Colorado. We were staying in Estes Park for a family vacation, and we had heard that the national park was simply majestic, so we knew we had to pay a visit.

As we rolled through the beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery, on our way to the park, we were already getting glimpses of life near the august mountain range. The flora and fauna seemed to be on full display, wrapped in the grandiose arms of the towering peaks.

I had no idea how much an entrance fee into a national park typically was, but we were pleasantly surprised when the park ranger at the front gate told us that it was National Park Week and entrance was free! When we drove through the entrance, we were immediately greeted by nearly a dozen elk, casually strolling through an adjacent field, like something from a nature film. Yes, we instinctively realized we were in a special place.

The Guel children at Rocky Mountain National Park.
The Guel children at Rocky Mountain National Park.


Thanks to National Park Week, we returned to Rocky Mountain National Park nearly every day. We trekked through trails, up the sides of mountains, and all around the beautiful, nearly-frozen lakes. It was an experience none of us have been able to forget – our first true experience in a national park.

Then came another mountain range, another sublime park experience, another adventure. Last November my wife, Brandi, and I had the opportunity to visit Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the border between Tennessee and North Carolina. While not as imposingly majestic as the Rockies, the Smoky Mountains had an undeniable charm that was reflected all the more by the dazzling fall colors and dense, smoky fog around the mountain range.

At the Great Smoky Mountains.
At the Great Smoky Mountains.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park experience hit a little closer to home, bringing back feelings of woodworking and finely crafted walking sticks. While hiking through the many trails available in the park, we came across numerous saplings with familiar-sounding names like sassafras, ironwood, and sweet gum. The names were familiar because some of Brazos Walking Sticks’ top-selling walking sticks are crafted from sustainably harvested sassafras, ironwood, and sweet gum saplings. Seeing the saplings out in nature made me appreciative of what Brazos is about, bringing The Feel of Nature to so many people across the country.

My two favorite experiences at national parks – at the Rocky Mountain National Park and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park – revolved around nature and family. Those two things we hold dear at Brazos Walking Sticks.

Improve Your Workout with a Walking Stick (or Two)!

Whether you like to walk your neighborhood streets, forest preserve trails or along the beach, a walking stick is not only a great way to keep your balance, but used in the right way, it can increase the value of your workout.

Virtually any walking stick will boost your walk’s energy-burning efficiency, since you’re using otherwise sedentary parts of your body (arm, forearm, and shoulder) to move a walking aid that weighs anywhere from one to two pounds. However, the health benefits of using walking sticks is amplified when two walking sticks are used, because at that point, the entire walking experience transforms into a full body workout.

oak fitness walker
The Brazos FitnessWalker

Walking with two walking sticks (also called Nordic walking and pole walking) involves using all-limb motion with each stride. As you walk, and your feet move in stride, your arms also swing with the weight of each walking stick, providing exercise for the upper part of your body that would normally not receive much benefit from walking. Pole walking burns more calories than regular walking, since several core upper body muscles get stimulated and worked out through two-pole walking.

Key benefits of two-stick walking include:

• Increased aerobic capacity
• Greater muscle strength
• Overall full-body fitness

Pole walking with two Brazos Walking Sticks.
Pole walking with two Brazos Walking Sticks.

In order to make walking for fitness a fun and enjoyable experience, Brazos walking sticks has developed our FitnessWalker Walking Stick. The stylish FitnessWalker empowers you to exercise confidently as you walk briskly through your neighborhood, favorite trail or walking track. This oak fitness pole is created by hand from a single piece of wood, making it superior to other fitness walkers that may have moving parts or breakable pieces. This strong and attractive walking stick gives you rock-solid stability and assurance, wherever your fitness walking may take you. While perfectly suitable as a single stick, the FitnessWalker was designed to be used in pairs, in order to offer the entire range of benefits available with pole walking. Like all of our walking sticks and canes, the FitnessWalker is American-made by our local artisans in Waco, TX.

Get healthy. Get fit. Get started with Brazos Walking Sticks and the Brazos FitnessWalker!

Meet Eric Guel!

Hey y’all! If you’re new here, it’s nice to meet you! I’m the operations supervisor at Brazos and have been stickin’ around here for nearly 12 years. For those of you who have called Brazos, you’ve probably talked to me. I’m the guy who can help you figure out what kind of stick you want.

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Before joining the Brazos family in 2004, I studied journalism at Baylor University and worked as a staff reporter and photojournalist for a handful of Texas-based news publications. Since coming on board with Brazos, I’ve served in a number of roles: artisan, copywriter, photographer, customer service specialist and salesperson — to name a few. Thanks to the wonderful people I work with, I thoroughly enjoy my work! But what I like best is helping people around the country to find the right handcrafted, American-made walking stick for them.

A native Houstonian, my roots run deep into the fertile Texas soil. I currently live in a small rural community north of Waco – along with my wife, seven children and roughly 40 chickens.

As you can imagine, after 12 years, I have a lot to share about our famous walking sticks:

• How do you choose the right one?
• Are you a hiker, walker or just want protection when walking your dog?
• What’s the difference between hickory and oak?
• What size should you get?
• Do you want a lightweight stick? Which wood is best?
• Who makes the sticks?
• How are they made?

I will answer these questions and many more! Be sure to leave a comment about what you’d like to see me talk about in future posts.

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What that means to you, our faithful customers, is you can buy with 100% confidence, knowing that we have your best interest in mind. As always, our products are handcrafted, one a time, by our skilled craftsmen.