A Father & Son Hike

The following essay was written by a young man named Steven, the son of our marketing director. We hope it gives you a glimpse into one young man’s journey with his trusty walking stick.

One day, Dad, my brother Michael, and I decided to hike to the Bosque river, which flows about a mile from our house, to explore and exercise. We picked up our walking sticks and headed down the trail.

The first part of the way was a rarely used access road for a gas pipeline which led through a “cedar” juniper stand. Along we walked, sometimes talking, sometimes listening to the sounds of the country. About two-thirds of the way, the road crossed the underground pipeline and petered out a few yards further on. The cedar trees ended here too. We crossed a meadow between it and a hardwood grove. At the nearest edge of the grove stood a barbed wire fence and, just past it, a small ravine. We carefully stepped over the fence where a fallen tree had flattened it. Then, using our walking sticks to balance ourselves, we cautiously walked into a smaller side ravine and on into the larger one. We jumped the muddy creek that ran in its bottom and, leaning heavily on our sticks, struggled up the other side. On level ground again, we walked through the underbrush for a few hundred yards before reaching the river.

It flowed slowly, silently a few dozen feet below the bluff we stood on. While we looked and talked, a huge fish leaped out of the green water. To the left appeared to be a ramp leading to the river, so we tried to walk down using that. However, we soon found out that the ramp started several feet below the edge of the bluff. So we tried the going to the right. Sure enough, we found a wild pig trail that led down, mentally marked it, and turned around since Mom was expecting us back home soon.

We walked back to the ravine, went down the way we came, jumped the creek, and walked into the side ravine. The ravine’s wall was tall and steep, so Dad went up first, turned around and held out his stick for me to hold while clambering up. After I was up, he did the same for Michael. Back home we went, discussing more outdoor adventures.

hiking steven

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