Ouch! Not A Good Use Of A Stick

In 1856 Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts was beaten repeatedly with a metal-knobbed walking cane. The attacker — a South Carolina congressman named Preston Brooks — whacked Sumner into unconsciousness over the course of a “long minute,” and then calmly walked away. The motivation behind the attack was an anti-slavery senatorial address directed toward Brooks’ pro-slavery kinsman, Senator Andrew Butler of South Carolina.

After the beating Brooks was promptly censured by the House of Representatives, and, shortly thereafter, died at only 37. Sumner, on the other hand, recovered from the attack and served another 18 years in the Senate.

The infamous beating was certainly a low point in the pre-Civil War period of United States history. One lesson learned: no matter what raises your ire, the proper use of a Brazos Walking Stick — or any walking stick for that matter — is for walking support.

But let’s not forget, there are many other legitimate uses as well!

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