Walk The Pooch With The Brazos Walking Sticks FitnessWalker!

Paw Prints The Magazine recently did a piece on our FitnessWalker, highlighting the stick’s intrinsic utility and flexibility while being used for something as simple as walking a dog. Here’s a snippet:

These walking sticks are fantastic! Not only are they very light weight and comfortable to use, they look great. The wood is a much nicer feel than all the high tech aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber poles on the market. I have a leash that attaches around my belt so I was able to use two sticks giving my arms a great workout as well. If you have to use a handheld leash you can use one FitnessWalker and still get the benefit of burning extra calories.

The great thing about the FitnessWalker is it’s ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand while you trek through your neighborhood, favorite trail, fitness track, or anywhere, really. So get the leash out and get outside with a Brazos Walking Sticks FitnessWalker — you’ll be glad you did! And, like all of our handcrafted walking sticks and canes, the FitnessWalker is Made In USA!

Buy a FitnessWalker (or two!) now.



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