Travel In Style

Probably one of the most frequent requests we get around here is for a stick that breaks down into three easy parts, making it easier to travel with. While we’ve tried our hand at producing such a stick through the years, we’ve never really had a product we were comfortable with — until now.

Introducing the Traveler’s Stick. This ingenious beauty is crafted from oak and it’s made to easily break down into three 19-inch segments, making it ideal for anyone wanting to stow it away in a trunk, an airplane overhead bin, a backpack, or just about anywhere.




We also sell a handy leatherette Traveler’s Bag, making it easy to take your trusty walking companion wherever you go. Like all of our handcrafted products, the Traveler’s Stick and Traveler’s Bag are handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen using time-tested methods and quality materials. Take one out to travel with, and you’ll know why we say Brazos Walking Sticks delivers The Feel of Natureâ„¢.

Buy a Traveler’s Stick now.

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