Reasons To Use A Wooden Walking Sticks

Walking with Brazos Walking Sticks
Walking with Brazos Walking Sticks

– Helps you keep your balance on long, flat walks.

– A walking stick takes pressure off of your legs, and distributes it to your upper-body.

– Gives stability on steep downward descents.

– They’re perfect for help slogging through muddy waters or crossing brisk streams.

– Perfect for turning over rocks, or beating the bush, to make sure there’s not a nasty critter (like a snake!) waiting to get you!

– Great for clearing spider webs and other debris that may get in your way.

– With a tarp, can be used as a makeshift shelter.

– Can be used to get your backpack up off of the ground and away from hungry pests.

– Suitable for poking at hot coals.

– A walking stick works as a line of protection between you and the teeth of any wild animal you encounter.

– It also works as a great fishing pole in a bind with your fishing hooks and line in your survival kit.

– The list goes on … and on … and on …

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