Feel Confident Buying From Brazos Walking Sticks

You can feel confident buying from Brazos Walking Sticks because we both manufacture and distribute all of the sticks and canes that we sell. Many of our competitors import their sticks or have their sticks drop-shipped from outsourced locations, essentially acting as a “middle man” between the manufacturer and you, the buyer.

At Brazos Walking Sticks, however, we control the entire process. If you need to talk to the craftsman who actually made your stick, no problem. If you need to call us to ask us specific questions about our stick-making processes, no problem. If you want to simply call us to chat about stick-making in general, no problem! We’re here to serve you, the customer, and we’re confident our quality and attention to detail will be seen in every piece that we make.

Wood Craft Factory
Wood Craft Factory

We have years upon years of stick-making experience, and it’s that type of experience and expertise that you can’t replicate with overseas or mass-produced products. We truly offer The Feel of Nature and the Quality of American Craftsmanship.

Are we the largest manufacturer and distributor of handcrafted, made-in-the-USA walking sticks and canes? Probably. We have a presence in thousands of retail locations, hardware stores, national parks, and sporting goods stores across the nation. Take a look at our website, brazossticks.com, and we’re confident you’ll find the widest assortment of made-in-America walking sticks and canes.

Now, let’s go walking!

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