Ironwood: Tough With Character

If you’re thinking of a walking stick with a lot of character, The Freeform Ironwood Walking Stick is probably your best bet. Ironwood (American Hornbeam is the flavor we use) is tough as nails and the character and “movement” of the stick makes it unique among its wooden brothers.

As beautiful as ironwood is, the downside of an ironwood walking stick is its relative heft. While not as dense as hickory, ironwood does have a robustness to it that some might characterize as on the heavier side. So petite gals might want to shy away from it. πŸ˜‰


2 Responses to “Ironwood: Tough With Character”

  1. JJJJanis S Jan

    I ordered a walking stick for my husband. He’s had back surgery and walking is done better for him with something to lean on. We have a beach place and whenever we walk, he finds a stick of some kind to help him walk, after which he stashes the stick only to find it gone upon return.
    Now he can keep the stick in the car and use it whenever he wants and he won’t have to worry about finding a new one.
    He loves the looks and the length is perfect. The bottom protector will help prolong the life of the stick and give him better traction.
    My thanks to Brazos for all their help when picking out a stick. Shipping was really fast. If and when the time comes, I know where I’ll turn for my walking stick.

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