“I Finally Found The Perfect Staff”

I am convinced that the quality of the product purchased [a Brazos Walking Stick] is a direct result of the people behind it.

I have no physical limitations and am a former athlete. After 12 years of searching for the perfect Walking Stick (strait as an arrow, tall, thick, and strong) and refusing all imitators, I finally found the perfect staff yesterday! Standing straight and proud in a Brazos Bin was a gorgeous 55″ Free Form Twisted Sweet Gum Staff fitting my hand perfectly.

Following my purchase and exiting the retail store, a woman entering said to me, “Now, that is a nice stick!”

Cracker Barrel Display

Thank you for your pursuit of excellence and meeting my need…

Stay Safe,


Brazos Sticks: Country Made

Most of us here at Brazos Walking Sticks enjoy the country life. We live out in the country. Work out in the country. Play out in the country. You name it — it’s just part of our cultural DNA. (The photo below was shot just a mile or so from our facility, by Ben Owen Photography.)


Our roots in country life compliment and parallel our roots in fine craftsmanship. Whether we’re on our knees in our gardens, out tending to our livestock, or in our shops making walking sticks, it’s all part of a unique, fading piece of Americana — and it’s part of the American experience that we still cherish dearly.

So Brazos Walking Sticks are as American as apple pie. Our country boys make each piece by hand, careful to select only the finest materials. When you feel one of our walking sticks in your hand you’ll know what we mean when we talk about “the quality of American craftsmanship.”

“A Great Show Piece”

Getting complimentary emails and letters from customers never gets old. It’s nice to know that we make products that last for years, and can be handed down from generation to generation.

Several years ago at Christmas time a nephew of mine gave a gift to me: one of your great Brazos Walking Sticks (Hickory Twisted 58”). I have always been appreciative of all his choices, especially when it comes to gifts!

The stick has been a great show piece in my office where for the last 28 years since my retirement I have spent many hours each day. Having been twice a survivor of cancer since 2001, I often point out to guests and visitors my numerous walking canes and my favorite Brazos Walking Stick!

James Harper

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thick 3 tall

Walking = Life

Some experts are saying that physical inactivity is the biggest health problem of the 21st Century. Wow!

There’s a lot in this short Everybody Walk film to chew on. It’s worth your time to watch it.

If you don’t want to watch the video, here’s the take away: If you want to live a long and healthy life, then you better be walking.

About Our Craftsmen

One of the most oft-asked questions we get is, “Who makes your walking sticks?”

The stick makers we employ have a few things in common: They’re all artisans, masters of wood. They all get their training and patterns from us at our main facility. They all work out of their own “cottage industry” shops, in most cases based right out of their homes. They all live within 1 to 20 miles of our facility in beautiful Central Texas.

chuck sanding.jp

Many of our stick makers are homeschool dads supporting families of all sizes. Most of them have a deep faith and deep understanding of how their work matters, not only for daily provision, but for their wholeness as human beings.

To achieve The Feel of Nature, our walking stick makers put their hearts and souls into each piece. That’s why we guarantee our walking sticks for life. And that’s what we mean when we say we offer the Quality of American Craftsmanship.

From Texas To Egypt

We’re always talking about how Brazos Walking Sticks are Made In The USA. Or, as we like to say down here, “Handcrafted In Texas.”

Indeed, our humble, Texas-made walking sticks have been all over the world. A while back we had a photo contest where we asked our customers to send us photos of themselves using a Brazos Walking Stick. We got some interesting replies, but none more interesting than this one from the Pyramids of Egypt.

So … from Texas to Egypt. Quite a journey for a handmade walking stick.


Rave Review

We really appreciate all of our customers (so many of you!) who take the time to write in reviews and testimonials of our products. We can’t tell you how much it means to us. Thanks you!


I have two sticks — love them. Took the travel stick on a cruise. Had a LOT of people stop and ask me where I got it — had one guy offer me $200 for it on the spot. I wouldn’t give it up!

One a more serious note — I have been having slight balance problems over the past year and the “stick” makes a world of difference — thanks for making a wonderful product.

And on the next cruise I will lash the stick to my wrist so another old guy doesn’t grab it and run off.

– Steve F.

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Our Craftsmen: American Masters Of Wood

Our walking stick makers are all masters of wood, and the Made-In-USA products they create for us are all created one a time — with passionate craftsmanship. Take a minute, watch this short video, and learn more about our craftsmen and the one-of-a-kind walking sticks and canes they create.