How To Use A Walking Cane

A common question that we get around here is: How do I use a walking cane? You’d think the answer would be intuitive, but it’s not! Generally speaking, walking canes are used for basic, step-by-step support. They’re not designed to be used for heavy, full-body support, but they do offer balance and stability for those with minor leg problems.

WikiHow has a good article explaining the proper use and sizing of canes. It’s worth a read.


Half Cane. Half Stick. All Awesome.

For years we had customers asking for a walking stick that could also serve as a walking cane, a sort of dual purpose type thing. So a couple of years ago we created the Dual Purpose Staff!


This walking cane is really a walking stick … or is it a walking stick that is really a walking cane? Not sure. But, but it really comes in handy for those who like the step by step support of a cane with the versatility of a walking stick. It also comes in handy for those who need a wee bit of help getting up from a sitting position.

The staff is crafted from oak and is both surprisingly lightweight and extremely strong.

Go buy yours now! Like all of our products, they make fantastic gifts and they are completely Made In USA!