Statement On Sustainability

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As the national leader in the area of Made In USA, handcrafted walking sticks and canes, Brazos Walking Sticks recognizes its responsibility to conduct its operations in a way that cares for, nurtures, protects, and improves the environment for current and future generations.

Brazos Walking Sticks understands that, as stewards of our Providence-given resources, we must conduct business in a way that is ethical, prudent, and forward-thinking. Since our inception nearly 20 years ago, we have worked with those goals in mind — all within a context of complete sustainability.

To those ends we promote production methods that focus on conservation of materials, efficient energy use, waste reduction, and environmental replenishment.

With regard to the harvesting of domestic woods, Brazos Walking Sticks practices renewable collection practices which focus on targeting dense areas of private forestry with an over-abundance of competitive saplings. Competitive saplings are young trees that spring up on an annual basis, taking resources from established flora within their ecosystems. The harvesting of competitive saplings is a boon to the natural environment in which they exist.

Exotic wood is procured through fair trade practices from reputable companies whose environmental ethic is similar to our own. Brazos Walking Sticks will not work with companies who engage in questionable business practices or suspect sustainability measures.

In summary, Brazos Walking Sticks seeks to produce premium handcrafted walking sticks and canes using the most sustainable options available. Our commitment to sustainability parallels our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship.

2 Responses to “Statement On Sustainability”

  1. Since an automobile accident in 2009 and having seven surgeries to say my leg from amputation, I am now able to walk on TWO legs. Unfortunately my right leg has been severely compromised and I now need to use a cane for walking long distances. I have been using a typical “cane” with the umbrella shaped “handle” with a black rubber tip on the base of the cane. However, since I will be needed to use a cane for the rest of my life to assist in walking long distances I wanted to search for a more asesthectically pleasing cane rather than the one I am currently using which looks like an “old lady’s” cane. I scanned your website and noticed you have some lovely walking sticks and canes. I wonder though what it the difference between a walking stick and cane and could I use a walking stick instead of cane? Please advise. Thank you much appreciated

    • Brazos Walking Sticks


      We’re very sorry to hear about your accident and all that has happened since then. That’s such a hard situation.

      To answer your question, I’d consult your doctor to see if he’d be ok with you using a walking stick vs. a cane. A walking stick usually comes up to about your shoulder and is used primarily for balance while walking. A cane has a handle and usually comes up to your hip. A cane is more in line with someone who needs step by step support.

      Now, a walking stick certainly may be great for your purposes; it really just depends on how much support you need.

      Feel free to email me if I can help you with any other questions.

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