Walking Stick For Photographers

Photographers looking for a handy monopod that also doubles as a durable walking stick need look no further than our Photographer’s Walking Stick, available in hickory, sassafras, and sweet gum.

photographer walking stick
The Photographer’s Walking Stick In Action

This walking staff features all the beauty and durability you would expect from a Brazos Walking Stick, while also serving as an incognito monopod (the top unscrews to reveal the thread-mount). This handy monopod-walking-stick universally mounts to all standard cameras. What’s more, compared to the pricey, single-use monopod, this walking stick is a steal. šŸ˜‰

Check out photographer Kent Weakley expound the virtues of our unique walking stick:

One Response to “Walking Stick For Photographers”

  1. Excellent idea! I’ve got just the person to order this for (he currently uses a modified painter’s pole for his camera). He’s a Texas Native who takes award-winning shots of Texas-related history sites and Civil War parks amd battlefields.
    What height do you recommend?
    And can this be ordered as a traveler’s staff like the one that takes down for easy transport?
    Former Baylor/Waco resident

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