Meet Eric Guel!

Hey y’all! If you’re new here, it’s nice to meet you! I’m the operations supervisor at Brazos and have been stickin’ around here for nearly 12 years. For those of you who have called Brazos, you’ve probably talked to me. I’m the guy who can help you figure out what kind of stick you want.

guel walking sticks

Before joining the Brazos family in 2004, I studied journalism at Baylor University and worked as a staff reporter and photojournalist for a handful of Texas-based news publications. Since coming on board with Brazos, I’ve served in a number of roles: artisan, copywriter, photographer, customer service specialist and salesperson — to name a few. Thanks to the wonderful people I work with, I thoroughly enjoy my work! But what I like best is helping people around the country to find the right handcrafted, American-made walking stick for them.

A native Houstonian, my roots run deep into the fertile Texas soil. I currently live in a small rural community north of Waco – along with my wife, seven children and roughly 40 chickens.

As you can imagine, after 12 years, I have a lot to share about our famous walking sticks:

• How do you choose the right one?
• Are you a hiker, walker or just want protection when walking your dog?
• What’s the difference between hickory and oak?
• What size should you get?
• Do you want a lightweight stick? Which wood is best?
• Who makes the sticks?
• How are they made?

I will answer these questions and many more! Be sure to leave a comment about what you’d like to see me talk about in future posts.

5 Responses to “Meet Eric Guel!”

  1. I purchased an oak walking staff from y’all recently and a young lady helped me. She was very courteous but I don’t feel she understands woods quite as well as you may. My quandary– I carried a sassasafras staff since the late 70s and had to get a new one which of course had to come Brazos. When selecting a new staff I told the young lady that my sassasafras staff was a hefty sturd wood w some weight to it. This was important as the staff is a multi tool for walking hiking and warding off critters in the woods if needed. The staff I got was an oak fitness walker I believe it’s called. After getting it I was very impressed w the craftsmanship Daniel Arn had bestowed on it. My only concern was the weight which was extremely light. I’m concerned that if used user a stress load or as a defensive tool it might snap. Also it was ordered without the hole drilled thru the handle but was sent to me with the strap hole in it. The location of which I felt may weaken the handle. I’d intended to use paracord and add it for grip and emergency use on the trail. So in your opinion tell me about your feelings on the concerns I have. Thanks!! I proudly have recommended your products to the Boy Scouts I’m connected with and my Church hunting group members. Jody Lyles.

    • Eric Guel

      Jody, thanks for the feedback!

      The FitnessWalker oak staff is incredibly strong. In all of my years with this company, I have never heard of an oak staff breaking on someone. If you happen to see a Bigfoot, though, and whack him with it, it might break in two. So, yeah, it’s probably not completely, 100% indestructible.

      If you want something, though, that’s as strong as it gets, try anything we make from hickory.

      Please let me know if I can help in any other way.

  2. Vincent Savage

    Purchased a walking stick while visiting High Falls Park in Georgia this weekend. It is absolutely beautiful!!! And I wanted to tell you what a Good Job you done!

    I am handicapped and this walking stick will now be my medically necessary cane.

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