Encroaching Winter Weather Offers Opportunity For Trekkers To Invest In Quality Hiking Stick

brazos walking sticksWhile each season offers a unique vista for hikers to stumble upon and appreciate, it’s arguably the winter months that are the overwhelming favorite among trekkers. That’s because Mother Nature’s paintbrush is in full effect come winter and is capable of creating some truly stunning vistas during this cooler period. A sea of leaf-less trees, untouched snowfall, glistening sunlight and unobstructed views of your surroundings all await. When you look out the window at home and know that the scenery which awaits will be breathtaking, dedicated hikers can hardly wait to get out and hit their favorite trails. Even those who live in climates that are pleasant year-round have the chance to better appreciate their surroundings thanks to seasonal temperatures that are typically far from oppressive during winter months.


While winter is a preferred time for solo trekkers or whole families to get out and explore, there are a number of tools that experienced hikers will suggest procuring before hitting the trails. Some essentials include a compass for path-finding in the event of an emergency, a parka or rain coat for inclement weather and hiking sticks that are crucial for conquering tough terrain. When in the market for a hiking stick that’s going to perform on various terrain and also fit your frame and needs, it’s important to shop around and seek out a make and model designed with such diverse capabilities in mind.


For example, companies such as Brazos Walking Sticks have designed hiking sticks made of oak that are capable of standing up to winter weather. That’s because oak, as a high-density wood, will give adventurers of all ages the support they need when facing trails slick with spotty ice patches, wet from melting snow or blocked by fallen tree limbs. For many hikers, digital photography has become an accessible hobby with immediate results. With that in mind, some hiking sticks are currently available that have a mounting screw to attach cameras to. Best of all, this sassafras-based hiking stick boasts compatibility with any camera that can also be mounted to a tripod. The end result of using this type of device is unrivaled nature photography – especially in the winter when cardinals, eagles and hawks are common sights of the season.


As if this addition to your winter essentials kit wasn’t enough, the hiking sticks from Brazos can be personalized to become a true one-of-a-kind piece. If you’re searching for a meaningful holiday gift, this means custom engraving of the owner’s name or nickname, installation of medallions that can show off everything from military service to personal interests as well as the addition of spike tips or handle straps. Now that winter weather is about to descend upon much of the U.S. – while mercifully cooler temperatures will soon be found in most of the South and Midwest – it’s the perfect time to invest in a trustworthy, hand-crafted hiking stick!

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