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Custom Laser Engraving

We’re one of the few — if not the only — manufacturers of American-made handcrafted walking sticks and canes who give our customers the flexibility to add custom laser engraving to their walking sticks. Yes, your one-of-a-kind, made-by-hand walking stick or walking cane can be even further personalized with a unique name, message, scripture, slogan, or even a logo. Standard text engraving starts at only $20, and engraving logos and symbols starts at only $30. So get creative!

Handcrafted, One At A Time

Brazos Walking Sticks offers the widest selection of handcrafted walking canes and walking sticks. By manufacturing and producing our very own wooden walking sticks, we’re able to maintain control over both quality and consistency throughout our entire product line.

A family enjoying their handcrafted walking sticks

Each piece of raw material — be it lumber or saplings — comes through our warehouse and then on to our stick makers, most of whom operate their own cottage industry operations within a couple of miles of our facility. After picking up their raw material every week, our stick makers then go back to their shops to handcraft each walking stick or cane to our exact patterns and standards. Upon completion, the finished products are processed through our shipping facility and sent out all over the United States (and even some parts of the world).

We simply don’t mass produce our walking sticks and walking canes. Our process is a simple, artistic, one-at-a-time approach that our customers have come to know and appreciate throughout the years.

Sizing a Stick or Cane

Custom Curtain Rod

We made this custom piece for a customer for only $210. It’s an ebony, cholla cactus, bubinga, and elk antler curtain rod. The inspiration for this rod came from one of our Collectors Walking Canes, and, with a little input from the customer, our master craftsman made it happen. Contact us for your custom job quote today.

Custom Curtain Rod
Full Length Shot

Ironwood Lamp

Brazos Walking Sticks is a fully functioning wood shop, and as such we often experiment with different ideas for various handcrafted products. Here’s one our production manager just came up with, a vine-twisted ironwood lamp. We’re presenting it as a gift to one of our associates, but if anyone is interested in owning something similar, we’d be happy to make one for you at a reasonable price. Email us at info at brazossticks dot com.

Vine-Twisted Ironwood Lamp

Handcrafted, Made In Texas Walking Canes and Sticks

Here at Brazos Walking Sticks and Canes we adhere to the time-honored tradition of making each walking cane and walking stick by hand, one piece at a time. In an effort to create handmade products that stand head-and-shoulders above anything else out there, we use only the finest woods and the most exacting patterns. Our goal is for each wooden walking cane and stick to be a unique, one-of-a-kind creation, while holding true to forms and patterns that ensure stability, continuity, and singularity throughout our entire line.

One of our craftsmen, hard at work

Take a moment to browse our traditional and free-form walking canes, with prices starting as low as $31. Once you feel, see, and experience one of our handmade wooden walking canes, you’ll know why we say we offer The Feel of Nature.

Twisted Hickory — Wow!

The venerable Twisted Hickory Walking Stick is our best selling stick of all time. It features our signature spiraled twist and a robust feel that simply can’t be matched with any other wood. It’s strong, reliable, and eye-catching.

On our Amazon site, this walking stick gets nothing but straight Five Star reviews. Here’s an example:

We bought this for a Christmas present for our dad. It came quickly and w/o hassle. He loves it. We haven’t tested it in the woods but have used it outside around the house. It really had the WOW factor.

Pick yours up today, and be wowed with the Feel of Nature and the Quality of American Craftsmanship.

Shipping Policy

In-stock items usually ship within 2 business days. Items that require customization (e.g. laser engraving and compasses) may ship within 3 to 5 business days.

For expedited shipping, what you’re paying for is how long it takes UPS to deliver a stick to you once it has shipped. Buying expedited shipping does not guarantee how soon it will ship from our location, though we do make every effort to ship expedited orders as soon as possible.

For P.O. boxes we ship via US Postal; please note in those instances shipping prices may vary from UPS charges that are quoted in your order. Due to their reputation for reliability and prompt customer service, we ship via UPS. For UPS, a business day does not include Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. So if you live in a 3 day area and we ship your package on Monday, then it should arrive on Thursday. Remember that these times are estimates. If you need guaranteed shipping times, then you must use one of the Express options.

*Continental USA only. Not applicable to custom orders.

**Customers pay Duties and Taxes, but we were able to negotiate a low $10 brokerage fee which you pay with taxes!

Great Deals On Bargain Walking Sticks and Canes

Like any manufacturing business, we sometimes have products that don’t quite make the quality cut and are thus deemed “seconds.” Often times these seconds are former show samples (or returns) that have been refurbished and are literally as good as new. Other times they’re left slightly dinged or scratched (or whatever), but still quite usable and trustworthy.

A couple of years ago we were looking for an outlet for these types of walking sticks and canes, and suddenly it hit us in the noggin like a 10-pound hickory log: Let’s sell them on our website … and let’s call them Brazos Bargains! So there you have it, Brazos Bargain Walking Sticks and Canes. Inside our Bargains section you’ll find our usual handcrafted, made-in-America quality, but at a fraction of the cost.

A few caveats: All Brazos Bargain items are suitable for typical use. Some Brazos Bargain items are in pristine condition, with no problems whatsoever; other items may have certain issues that we try to communicate via the item description or photographs. While we try to communicate all possible flaws in Brazos Bargain items via photographs and item descriptions, we can not guarantee that all flaws are enumerated in the item description or photographs.

And now on to the good stuff. Here are some examples of Bargain items currently for sale.

A pair of ash walking sticks (with some accessories added) for only $79 (plus free shipping in the continental United States):

A ridiculously discounted Padauk/Maple cane:

We’ve got something for everyone in our Bargains section, so get ’em while you can!

Live Interview with Brazos Walking Sticks rep

Listen here:

Segment 1:

Segment 2:

Segment 3:

GearJunkie Product Review of Brazos Walking Sticks – Travelers Stick

GearJunkie Product Review of Brazos Walking Sticks – Travelers Stick.

Benefits Of Walking

Walking is the most fundamental mode of human transportation, and has always been the basic way human beings get their exercise needs met. A website called Health Center has recently put together some of the essential ideas behind the health benefits of walking, and we thought it would be appropriate to share some of those with our faithful readers. After all, we are the premiere walking stick and walking cane company in America! 🙂

Seniors enjoying the health benefits of walking

First of all, walking is good for your heart:

“In a study conducted by Duke University Medical Center recently found that walking 30 minutes a day can reduce the metabolic syndrome, which is one cause of the high risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. As many as 24 million women in the U.S. suffer from metabolic syndrome. Meanwhile, a study in England said that walking half an hour a day can reduce the risk of heart disease by 11%, especially for women.”

Furthermore, walking helps you sleep more soundly and helps reduce certain risks:

“National Sleep Foundation says that walking fast in the afternoon will make sleep more soundly. … However, avoid walking two hours before bed.”

Walking helps you get slimmer, helps reduce bone loss, and many symptoms of aging. Click here for the complete list.

Brazos Walking Sticks is committed to helping you reach and maintain your fitness goals. With products like our FitnessWalker™, to bargain products, to collectors items—we’ve got something for everyone.

Dealing With Dogs

We frequently get calls from customers looking for a walking stick or walking cane to help keep them safe on trails and in neighborhood streets. Most concerns revolve around four-legged creatures, the kind with sharp teeth and surly dispositions.

My family and I live out in the country, and if there’s one constant to country life, it’s the fact that there will be loose dogs running around—and typically there are no dog-catchers to corral the fierce canids. Therefore, if we want to enjoy leisurely strolls through rolling Texas countrysides, we need to be constantly aware of potential threats from not-so-well-meaning pooches.

Enter the walking stick. One customer I spoke to assured me that dogs actually notice a human with a walking stick, and often times choose not to harass someone who’s carrying around something that could potentially bonk their doggie heads. While I’m not sure that dogs are that smart, a walking stick at least gives you a sense of well-being as a last line of protection between you and a ferocious mouth full of teeth.

Walk Safely With a Brazos Walking Stick

Now on to the customary caveat: We do not design walking sticks to protect people from animals. Quite simply, they’re designed to provide support and balance while walking. (However, we’re not naĂŻve to the fact that walking sticks do indeed offer a number of ancillary benefits.)

With all that said, here are a few practical tips to help you steer clear of dog bites:

– Stay away from dogs. 🙂 Is this one too obvious? If you know a grouchy mutt lives down a certain street, don’t go down that street!
– Be confident and act confidently by staying calm and not being afraid.
– Of course, a walking stick can help!

The famous dog trainer Cesar Millan has a few poignant thoughts on this subject:

“Often, I use a walking stick, an umbrella, or anything I happen to be carrying and place it out in front of me, so I make myself appear bigger and feel more in command of my space.  What I am saying with my body language is, I don’t want the dog’s space; I don’t want that tree over there, I just want this space that I am standing in. Again, I am maintaining a very calm and assertive state. That energy creates a barrier that automatically demands his respect. I’m letting him know that I’m not afraid of him.”

With hundreds of styles and designs to choose from, Brazos Walking Sticks certainly has a walking stick or walking cane to meet your needs. We’ve got sticks for bargain hunters, collectors, and everyone in between!

Get Bargain Deals While They Last!

We’ve got some bargain walking sticks that we need to move on out of here. Most of them are of the free-form hiking stick variety, but we also have plenty of traditional walking sticks and canes.

We recently had a customer email and ask for a package of eight bargain free-form sticks. We quickly put the package together, agreed on a handsomely discounted price, and were good to go. Feel free to chat online, email or call 1-800-581-4352 if you’d like a similar deal.

Bargain Walking Sticks
Bargain Walking Sticks

While this list is not intended to be exhaustive, here are a few common reasons why we might consider a stick to be a bargain stick:

Slightly to not-so-slightly bent shaft.
Poorer quality finish.
Dings, scratches, or scrapes in the bark or other areas of the wood.
Not cut to the correct height.

While we wish we could look at each stick individually to make a thorough assessment, we simply don’t have the time or inclination to do so. Therefore, these sticks should be considered as is, grab bag type sticks.

In some cases, we’re discounting these sticks as much as 50 percent or more off of retail price … so come and get ’em while we got ’em! And once the Brazos Walking Sticks Bargains are gone…they are gone!

Gear Review: Brazos Walking Sticks

Adirondack Almanack
Adirondack Almanack

by Dan Crane

Everyone needs something or someone to lean on for support once in a while. Backcountry explorers are no different, whether it is a pair of telescoping hiking poles or simply a thick stick picked up along the trail. A pole or stick can assist with a wide range of backcountry situations from crossing a beaver dam to descending a mountain. This extra support becomes even more important as one gets older when the knee and hip joints need relief from the stress caused from hours of hiking over arduous terrain. See rest of article here.

Sporting his One-of-a-Kind Collectors Cane

One of our customers sporting his One-of-a-Kind Collectors Cane from Brazos Walking Sticks:

Customer with classy walking cane
Customer with classy walking cane

With dozens of Collectors and Exotic Canes to choose from, we’ve got just the thing for your formal event. And if we do not have it, we will make it!

New Sectional Walking Stick…so Easy to Travel With

Check out Brazos Walking Sticks new beautiful wood Travelers Stick (TM), which breaks into sections, in seconds, from a full 55 inches to a compact 19 inches. Traveling by airplane, in a small car or on a bike with one’s favorite, full-size, handcrafted walking staff has been practically impossible, until now. Travelers, geocachers, RVers, scouts, outdoorsmen, outdoorswomen, campers, backpackers, hikers and safari travelers now have a choice over cold metal and brittle plastic.

Travelers Stick being Assembled
Travelers Stick being Assembled

The new Travelers Stick offers the same quality, stability and utility of a one-piece stick, yet unscrews into three equal parts for easy transportation. Unassembled, this sectional walking stick will fit easily into an airplane’s overhead bin, in a backpack, strapped to a bike, or in the trunk of a car. With its small and discreet size, this staff can be taken virtually anywhere.

“Now, that is a nice stick!”

Following our conversation on the telephone today, I am convinced that the quality of the product purchased is a direct result of the people behind it. I have no physical limitations and am a former athlete. After 12 years of searching for the perfect Walking Stick (strait as a arrow, tall, thick, and strong) and refusing all imitators, I finally found the perfect Staff yesterday! Standing straight and proud in a Brazos Bin was a gorgeous 55″ Free Form Twisted Sweet Gum Staff fitting my hand perfectly (see pic). Following my purchase and exiting the retail store, a woman entering said to me, “Now, that is a nice stick!”

Thank you for your pursuit of excellence and meeting my need…

Stay Safe,


Providence Banner
Providence Banner

Feel Confident Buying From Brazos Walking Sticks

You can feel confident buying from Brazos Walking Sticks because we both manufacture and distribute all of the sticks and canes that we sell. Many of our competitors import their sticks or have their sticks drop-shipped from outsourced locations, essentially acting as a “middle man” between the manufacturer and you, the buyer.

At Brazos Walking Sticks, however, we control the entire process. If you need to talk to the craftsman who actually made your stick, no problem. If you need to call us to ask us specific questions about our stick-making processes, no problem. If you want to simply call us to chat about stick-making in general, no problem! We’re here to serve you, the customer, and we’re confident our quality and attention to detail will be seen in every piece that we make.

Wood Craft Factory
Wood Craft Factory

We have years upon years of stick-making experience, and it’s that type of experience and expertise that you can’t replicate with overseas or mass-produced products. We truly offer The Feel of Nature and the Quality of American Craftsmanship.

Are we the largest manufacturer and distributor of handcrafted, made-in-the-USA walking sticks and canes? Probably. We have a presence in thousands of retail locations, hardware stores, national parks, and sporting goods stores across the nation. Take a look at our website,, and we’re confident you’ll find the widest assortment of made-in-America walking sticks and canes.

Now, let’s go walking!