Feel Confident Buying From Brazos Walking Sticks

You can feel confident buying from Brazos Walking Sticks because we both manufacture and distribute all of the sticks and canes that we sell. Many of our competitors import their sticks or have their sticks drop-shipped from outsourced locations, essentially acting as a “middle man” between the manufacturer and you, the buyer.

At Brazos Walking Sticks, however, we control the entire process. If you need to talk to the craftsman who actually made your stick, no problem. If you need to call us to ask us specific questions about our stick-making processes, no problem. If you want to simply call us to chat about stick-making in general, no problem! We’re here to serve you, the customer, and we’re confident our quality and attention to detail will be seen in every piece that we make.

Wood Craft Factory
Wood Craft Factory

We have years upon years of stick-making experience, and it’s that type of experience and expertise that you can’t replicate with overseas or mass-produced products. We truly offer The Feel of Nature and the Quality of American Craftsmanship.

Are we the largest manufacturer and distributor of handcrafted, made-in-the-USA walking sticks and canes? Probably. We have a presence in thousands of retail locations, hardware stores, national parks, and sporting goods stores across the nation. Take a look at our website, brazossticks.com, and we’re confident you’ll find the widest assortment of made-in-America walking sticks and canes.

Now, let’s go walking!

Brazos Walking Sticks — A Quick Shot

Here’s a quick shot of a couple of Brazos Sticks employees sorting raw sticks. It was a beautiful day for working outdoors.

Walking Stick Makers
Walking Stick Makers

Enabling The Disabled

Here are a few nice words from a woman who found our website:

I just wanted to let you know that I have tried searching for a replacement for my aluminum cane three times in the past 4 months. Each time I have stopped within a day because the search was so depressing … it made me feel old and reminded me of my disability (which is fairly new to me). When I found your website, everything changed. I am really enjoying perusing your gorgeous products and am extremely grateful I found it.
— Melissa

Wood Walking Cane
Wood Walking Cane

Choosing The Right Spike Option

If you’d like to accessorize your walking stick, Brazos Walking Sticks gives you plenty of options. We offer everything from custom laser engraving to Texas State Seals.

As far as ferrules go, we have a plethora of options to choose from. All of our sticks come with a standard rubber ferrule; this rubber tip provides sure “footing” for just about any environment. We do, however, offer three types of ferrules that both ardent hikers and enthusiasts would be interested in:

The Lee Valley Spike

This spike is out top-of-the-line model. It boasts a brass construction with a removable spike and rubber tip.

The Combination Spike

This spike is our most popular spike accessory. At $13 it’s affordable and highly functional. If you’re out trekking in the forest somewhere, just pull the rubber tip off and the spiked end will dig into the ground for secure hiking and positioning. Ready to go back onto pavement? Just slide the rubber tip back on and you’re ready to go!

The Spike Ferrule

This spike is for serious hikers! With a fine point spike, it’ll be your trusty companion through miles of rough terrain.

If you’re interested in accessorizing your stick, simply choose “Buy Now” from the particular stick’s page on our website. After you click Buy Now, a list of accessory options for your stick will appear.

Enjoy your new accessory!

Reasons To Use A Wooden Walking Sticks

Walking with Brazos Walking Sticks
Walking with Brazos Walking Sticks

– Helps you keep your balance on long, flat walks.

– A walking stick takes pressure off of your legs, and distributes it to your upper-body.

– Gives stability on steep downward descents.

– They’re perfect for help slogging through muddy waters or crossing brisk streams.

– Perfect for turning over rocks, or beating the bush, to make sure there’s not a nasty critter (like a snake!) waiting to get you!

– Great for clearing spider webs and other debris that may get in your way.

– With a tarp, can be used as a makeshift shelter.

– Can be used to get your backpack up off of the ground and away from hungry pests.

– Suitable for poking at hot coals.

– A walking stick works as a line of protection between you and the teeth of any wild animal you encounter.

– It also works as a great fishing pole in a bind with your fishing hooks and line in your survival kit.

– The list goes on … and on … and on …

Outdoor Retailer Show

Brazos Walking Sticks is currently participating in the Outdoor Retailer Show. Here are a couple of photos for you to enjoy:

Remember, all of our handcrafted walking sticks and walking canes can be purchased via our easy-to-use website.

Behold: Travelers Walking Stick

The Travelers Stick is one of our hot new items, and it seems like the more we get the word out about this stick, the more our demand for it increases! For years we had folks approach us about making a stick that breaks down for easy travel. We had been apprehensive about such a design, because we weren’t sold on the idea that a stick made in a such a way could be as sturdy as one of our standard walking sticks. Well, after much trial and error, a few months ago we came up with the design that is now our beloved Travelers Stick — and by all indications this is the stick our customers have been waiting for us to make!

The possibilities seem endless: throw this broken down staff in your backpack, in an overhead bin on an airplane, in your back seat, strapped to your dog’s back — you name it!

With this classic wooden walking stick, you get the same lifetime guarantee that’s indicative of all of our handcrafted walking sticks and walking canes, and you get the well-being that comes with owning and using a quality, handcrafted staff that’s perfect for exercise, or for fitness, or for recreation … or whatever!

It’s looking like this walking stick is the next big thing for Brazos Walking Sticks, so hop on the trail with The Feel of Nature™.

Bargain Hunters & Collectors, We’ve Got Something For You!

It’s no secret that Brazos Walking Sticks has the widest selection of handcrafted, Made In USA walking sticks and walking canes. Compare apples to apples by looking at the quality of our products and compare it to the quality of anyone else out there. Better yet, feel one our sticks in your hands and you’ll certainly agree — a Brazos Walking Stick is something special. With years upon years of woodworking experience, we’ve established proven patterns for our craftsmen that allow them to exercise their individual creativity while still making beautiful walking sticks with just a touch of necessary uniformity — and that’s what makes us unique!

While other stick companies may specialize in importing metal canes from foreign lands, we prefer to use renewable woods that are indigineous to the United States (and exotics as well!), and we handcraft each one using the finest tools and time-tested methods. The results speak for themselves: stunning creations that go beyond mere utility, into the realm of practical, functional art. As the saying goes, don’t just take our word for it. See what one faithful customer recently emailed us:

As a former trial attorney, I used to drive a large black Mercedes Benz S500. Not only is a Mercedes a very nice car, but I especially enjoyed the fine craftsmanship that went into the interior, especially the woodwork on the dash. … I feel the same sort of excitement when I receive a new Brazos stick. In my opinion, the craftsmanship and artistry of your products is on par with that of a Mercedes.

Sometimes we have sticks that just don’t quite make the cut. They’re still handcrafted; they’re still made with renewable wood; and they’re still a Brazos Walking Stick … but they’re not quite there, if you know what we mean. For these sticks we have a special spot on our website called Brazos Bargains.

These bargain sticks are typically 30 to 50 percent off retail — or more! Some of them are refurbished and pristine, with not flaws whatsoever, and others have obvious issues that we try our best to communicate through item descriptions and photographs. Since these walking sticks and walking canes are so heavily discounted, we can’t offer our typical lifetime guarantee, but be assured that you’re still buying The Feel of Nature™!

On the other end of the spectrum are gorgeous Collectors walking sticks and walking canes that are literally one-of-a-kind. What we mean by that is our most skilled master craftsman only makes one of each stick, so once a stick has sold it’s gone forever! We guarantee these canes and sticks for life, and we’re certain you’ll agree that they are the finest walking canes money can buy. Their beauty is simply unparalleled.

So there you have it: bargain to collector. Whatever your fancy, we’ve got something for you!

Nature Photographers — This Is For You!

Our Photographer’s Stick is a versatile tool — it’s both a monopod and a walking stick! And if you add a compass, the stick offers you even more flexibility. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of walking sticks! (The thread mount accommodates any standard camera, from a cheap drugstore disposable to a pro model Nikon or Canon.) Pick one up for yourself or as a special gift for that photo enthusiast in your life. And if photography isn’t your passion, simply browse our selection. With the widest variety of handcrafted walking sticks and canes, we’re sure to have something that’s a perfect fit for you!

Customize to your heart’s content!

Here’s a custom heart-shaped cane we did for a wedding ceremony. The customer also added laser engraving. Don’t hesitate to call or email us with your custom orders!

Customer excited to have his “tool” back and his independence

Dear Brazos Sticks,

Hi, my wife and I are the parents of a child with Cerebral Palsy, Spencer. Cerebral Palsy affects Spencer’s legs and left arm making independence a challenge.

We recently found your walking sticks at a local store and bought a Twisted Aromatic Cedar for Spencer to assist with his ability to walk independently. Independence is a big thing in his life and your sticks have added to his quality of life.

Since buying your stick he has gotten several compliments, especially at church.

When his brothers broke his stick today he was devastated. My wife ran to the local store and found him another Twisted Aromatic Cedar and in fact she bought him 2 sticks this time. The second is a Twisted Oak-Brown.
When Spencer received his new sticks he was so excited to have his “tool” back and his independence.
Thanks for making a high quality stick, we are sure there will be many more in Spencer’s life time.

Darin and Peg Chartier

Twisted Aromatic Cedar Walking Stick
Twisted Aromatic Cedar Walking Stick

Libertyville, IL

Great Reasons To Buy A Stick For Dad

– A necktie won’t last a lifetime, but our walking sticks are guaranteed for life.

The Feel of Nature simply can’t be replicated with anything but quality, handcrafted precision.

– We have dozens upon dozens of styles and wood choices.

– A walking stick can help encourage dad to get walking and get into shape.

– A cane can help dad with his step-by-step support needs.

– With custom laser engraving, a walking stick or cane can be transformed into a family heirloom.

– Each walking stick or cane we make is Made In USA by our own craftsmen using time-tested methods.

– Free shipping for any order over $59 (Continental U.S. only).

Handcrafted For Dad

Buying your dad a necktie for Father’s Day is way too cliche. Why not choose a made-in-the-USA, handcrafted creation from Brazos Walking Sticks? At Brazos Walking Sticks we’ve got dozens upon dozens of handcrafted walking sticks and canes, and we’re sure to have something to meet your dad’s individual taste and your individual budget!



Want to make it even more memorable? Personalize it with custom laser engraving. With our 50 percent off special, you can have your dad’s name (or anything, really) engraved on his stick for only $10 — a rock bottom price!

Now, on to some suggestions … Does your dad need step-by-step support? Try our exotic walking canes or Collectors’ Canes; these urbane works of art are both beautiful and functional. Is your dad the outdoors type? Get him an exotic or free-form hiking stick for all of his special excursions. Strapped for cash? Buy dad a Brazos Bargain; we promise, we won’t say a word! 😉

So with 50 percent off engraving, and dozens of styles and price points to choose from, why not make Brazos Walking Sticks and The Feel of Nature your new tradition for Father’s Day?

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day from Brazos Walking Sticks. Remember that all of our walking sticks and canes are Made In USA!

So whether you want a stylish, handcrafted cane, or a sturdy, useful hiking staff, Brazos Walking Sticks has just what you’re looking for. And our sticks make great gifts for dads!


All About VolksWalking

Brazos Walking Sticks proudly supports the sport of walking with the American Volkssport Association. Check out this video to learn what they’re all about, and find a walk near you!

Press Release On The Traveler’s Stick

Brazos Walking Sticks announced today the launch of its beautiful wood Traveler’s Stick (TM), which breaks into sections, in seconds, from a full 55 inches to a compact 19 inches. Traveling by airplane, in a small car or on a bike with one’s favorite, full-size, handcrafted walking staff has been practically impossible, until now. Travelers, geocachers, RVers, scouts, outdoorsmen, outdoorswomen, campers, backpackers, hikers and safari travelers now have a choice over cold metal and brittle plastic.

The new Traveler’s Stick offers the same quality, stability and utility of a one-piece stick, yet unscrews into three equal parts for easy transportation. Unassembled, this sectional walking stick will fit easily into an airplane’s overhead bin, in a backpack, strapped to a bike, or in the trunk of a car. With its small and discreet size, this staff can be taken virtually anywhere.

Please read the entire press release, and buy a Traveler’s Stick to take The Feel of Nature wherever you go!

Travel In Style

Probably one of the most frequent requests we get around here is for a stick that breaks down into three easy parts, making it easier to travel with. While we’ve tried our hand at producing such a stick through the years, we’ve never really had a product we were comfortable with — until now.

Introducing the Traveler’s Stick. This ingenious beauty is crafted from oak and it’s made to easily break down into three 19-inch segments, making it ideal for anyone wanting to stow it away in a trunk, an airplane overhead bin, a backpack, or just about anywhere.




We also sell a handy leatherette Traveler’s Bag, making it easy to take your trusty walking companion wherever you go. Like all of our handcrafted products, the Traveler’s Stick and Traveler’s Bag are handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen using time-tested methods and quality materials. Take one out to travel with, and you’ll know why we say Brazos Walking Sticks delivers The Feel of Natureâ„¢.

Buy a Traveler’s Stick now.

Walk The Pooch With The Brazos Walking Sticks FitnessWalker!

Paw Prints The Magazine recently did a piece on our FitnessWalker, highlighting the stick’s intrinsic utility and flexibility while being used for something as simple as walking a dog. Here’s a snippet:

These walking sticks are fantastic! Not only are they very light weight and comfortable to use, they look great. The wood is a much nicer feel than all the high tech aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber poles on the market. I have a leash that attaches around my belt so I was able to use two sticks giving my arms a great workout as well. If you have to use a handheld leash you can use one FitnessWalker and still get the benefit of burning extra calories.

The great thing about the FitnessWalker is it’s ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand while you trek through your neighborhood, favorite trail, fitness track, or anywhere, really. So get the leash out and get outside with a Brazos Walking Sticks FitnessWalker — you’ll be glad you did! And, like all of our handcrafted walking sticks and canes, the FitnessWalker is Made In USA!

Buy a FitnessWalker (or two!) now.



The FitnessWalker

As potentially the largest manufacturer and distributor of handcrafted, wooden walking sticks and canes in America, Brazos Walking Sticks is always looking to create innovative products that meet a need for beauty, functionality, and overall health and well-being. 

To that end, we’d like to introduce you to our new instant classic — The Brazos Walking Sticks FitnessWalker.

With its sleek, contoured design, the FitnessWalker allows for a balanced upper-body workout while you trek through your neighborhood, park, or favorite trail. For even better results, two FitnessWalkers can be used for a full-body experience.

Look at what others are saying:


These walking sticks are fantastic! Not only are they very light weight and comfortable to use, they look great. The wood is a much nicer feel than all the high tech aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber poles on the market. — Dale E. Smith, Paw Prints magazine. 

Click here to read the entire Paw Prints article. For further reading, check out About.com’s feature piece on the FitnessWalker.

Like all of our walking sticks and canes, the FitnessWalker is handcrafted by our artisans right here in Texas; each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

And, remember, for any orders over $59, Brazos Walking Sticks offers free shipping.

It’s not too late to start walking for health, and with Brazos Walking Sticks’ FitnessWalker, you can make that healthy change today!

Proud Eagle Scouts

These four Eagle Scouts are decked out with their Twisted Sassafras Walking Sticks, loaded with compasses and custom laser engraving for their special occasion.


Brazos Walking Sticks are a perfect Scouting gift, and if your organization buys in quantity of 6 or more you’re eligible for a 20 percent group discount!