Practical Applications Of Customizable Canes, Walking Sticks Offers Life-Time Investment

Some purchases are motivated by mere impulse, while others are a downright necessity. You’ll know the difference between the two when one gathers dust on the shelf and the other sees daily usage. People of any age who are looking for a little added mobility to make day-to-day tasks just a little bit easier should see canes and walking sticks as an undoubtedly wise investment. Many may erroneously think that they can get by just fine without the assistance of these walking aids. To those people, we’d encourage you to ask anyone who has purchased a walking stick or cane to ask the owners about how it has improved their lives. That’s because these aids make movement so much easier.

Think about it this way: You want to retain your independence and freedom of movement, but your body isn’t always willing to cooperate. Why not invest in a cane or walking stick to give you a little something to lean on while walking around the house, hiking through the woods or traversing the aisles of your favorite store? When you think about the practical applications, there’s no question that purchasing one of these tools is going to make your life all the more easier and pleasant.

What’s more, canes and walking sticks from companies such as Brazos Walking Sticks can be customized to fit the owner’s preference. The hiking aids, which are all individually hand-crafted and made in the U.S., come in varieties for both men and women. Finding the style you want is easy, as these products fall into the categories of “craftsman,” “rustic” walking sticks and canes – all offering unique designs with plenty of personality. Better yet, you can choose from a wide variety of woods, such as oak, hickory, walnut or more – from which your personal cane can be crafted. However, many cane and walking stick owners feel that the true selling point is the personalization of their tool. Proud members of the U.S. armed forces can have their name, military branch and dates served laser-engraved into their cane. Those who simply want to personalize their cane or walking stick can do so by having their name carved into the walking aid. Other medallions or practical tools, such as a thermometer, can also be inserted into your walking stick to further make your hiking aid truly yours. For indoor and outdoor needs, owners can also order a “spike” for their walking stick or a rubber cap to ensure safer usage outside or indoors, respectively.

Whether you think it’s time to invest in a hiking stick for yourself or you’re researching canes as a purchase for a loved one, the customization makes either choice a one-of-a-kind piece of functional artwork. Add to this the fact that the proud owner of a new cane or walking stick will have an easier time getting around — and feel safer in the process — and it simply makes sense to opt for this investment.

Canes Help Keep Seniors On Their Feet As U.S. Life Expectancy Continues To Climbs

Even as the average retirement age steadily increases, American seniors are predicted to have plenty of time to themselves after clocking out of work once and for all. That’s because the typical U.S. lifespan is expected to hit slightly more than 83 years for women and 79 years for men come 2030. We ask that you take a moment and compare this lifespan expectancy to the fact that the average age of retirement is 63 and you’ll see that there is at least a decade or more of personal time remaining. As we all know, with age comes medical conditions that may make movement a bit harder than we remember from our younger years. If your loved one still wants to get out and about, but needs the assistance of a cane, we encourage you to continue reading and understand the issues surrounding our elderly population and what you can do to make that transition a little bit easier.

According to a CNBC report from early 2017, the current life expectancy in the U.S. is 76.5 for men and 81.2 for women. The data comes from the English medical journal “Lancet,” and the report adds that the gap between men and women is expected to close as “lifestyles become more similar to one another.” Further, the report notes that the steady increase in global life expectancy is tied to improvements in elder care. What’s more, studies show that the growth of exercise and aerobic outlets for seniors is keeping this population healthier for longer periods of time. If your loved one wants to stay on their feet, then canes  may be one of the most thoughtful purchases you can make. That’s because by shopping with companies like Brazos Walking Sticks, you can choose from a customizable inventory that is handcrafted in the U.S.

Walking sticks and canes available today can be created from a variety of woods – such as maple, walnut and hickory – and come in many styles for both men and women, including rustic, smooth or traditional. Whether your loved one requires a cane to assist them with outdoor adventures, for simply getting around or as a tool to lean upon during prolonged periods of standing, a cane can mean the difference between a sense of defeat or newfound independence.

What’s more, the best companies currently crafting canes can customize them with all sorts of  information to truly make the cane an accessory and statement piece, rather than a simple utilitarian tool. The owner’s name, nickname, hobby, branch of military service and more can be engraved into the side of their cane , showing the legacy they’ve created and ensuring their cane is a treasured and personalized part of their everyday activities.

“A+, I Love This Cane”

A+, we love this review!

One of our faithful customers took a few minutes to make this gracious review of our Root Cane.

He even highlighted our tags, which provide information about the wood, and even give a brief stick maker bio and photo on the back.

We make a point to communicate with customers so that they can make an informed choice when buying their handcrafted, American-made walking stick or walking cane. We take our work very seriously, and thoroughly appreciate all of the feedback we get.

Why We Love The River

Our company’s namesake—Brazos Walking Sticks—is derived from our beloved river: the Brazos River.

brazos walking sticks
The Brazos River — Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

Early Spanish explorers called our river Rio de los Brazos de Dios — The River of the Arms of God. Running through much of northern and central Texas, the river’s waters flow gently to the Gulf of Mexico, leaving several life-giving lakes in its wake.

Our founding parent company was called Brazos Oaks—a name referring to the majestic oak trees that line the river valley in central Texas. When the walking stick business was conceived—nearly two decades ago—the name Brazos Oaks Walking Sticks was adopted. Soon that moniker gave way to the more succinct Brazos Walking Sticks. Like the river itself, each name iteration flowed naturally from its source.

Like the Lone Star State in which it exists, the Brazos River is a symbol of peace, provision, and ingenuity. So walk proudly Brazos Stick owners: the handcrafted walking stick or cane you hold is created and buttressed by a great tradition—a tradition as timeless as the river it’s named after.