Diamond Willow Walking Stick

For years our customers have asked us to make Diamond Willow Walking Sticks. The problem has been securing a reliable supplier of the raw material. Well, it looks like all of our dreams have finally come true, and Brazos Walking Sticks officially has a Diamond Willow Walking Stick in its repertoire.

Perfect For Gardeners

An often-overlooked jewel is our Gardener’s Yard Stick. It’s a 52-inch staff that doubles as a walking aid and a handy gardening tool. Like all of our walking sticks and walking canes, this walking stick was conceived and created by Brazos Walking Sticks.

The Gardener’s Yard Stick, 52 inches, is truly one-of-a-kind: doubling as an invaluable gardener’s tool, and a sturdy walking aid. This useful staff is fashioned from sturdy oak or ash, making it strong and highly durable. Each Gardener’s Yard Stick is outfitted with a strong metal tip that provides a firm, secure grip while trekking through your yard or garden. The tip is also perfect for marking plant locations in the garden or flower bed. Additionally, the Gardener’s Yard Stick comes with a handy 36-inch ruler printed on the side of the shaft — perfect for precision placement of plants in your garden.

After each piece of ash or oak is carefully chosen, prepared, cut, and sanded, each staff is stained a beautiful tan, magnifying the wood’s natural grain pattern. Finally, every stick is sprayed with a protective clear coat lacquer. The result is a smooth finish that highlights the wood’s intrinsic beauty. The finished staff is a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted walking stick that is both sturdy and attractive. Like all of our finely crafted walking sticks and canes, the Gardener’s Yard Stick is made in the USA by our skilled craftsmen using the highest quality wood and time-tested methods.

Buy it online now for only $55.

Walking Stick With Built-In Monopod

The Photographer’s Stick is one of the handiest inventions we’ve ever created. It’s got a built-in monopod, so nature photographers can have two tools in one: a sturdy, handcrafted walking stick and a monopod, in one item.

Eminent photographer Kent Weakley has posted a video review of our Photographer’s Stick:

Behold: Travelers Walking Stick

The Travelers Stick is one of our hot new items, and it seems like the more we get the word out about this stick, the more our demand for it increases! For years we had folks approach us about making a stick that breaks down for easy travel. We had been apprehensive about such a design, because we weren’t sold on the idea that a stick made in a such a way could be as sturdy as one of our standard walking sticks. Well, after much trial and error, a few months ago we came up with the design that is now our beloved Travelers Stick — and by all indications this is the stick our customers have been waiting for us to make!

The possibilities seem endless: throw this broken down staff in your backpack, in an overhead bin on an airplane, in your back seat, strapped to your dog’s back — you name it!

With this classic wooden walking stick, you get the same lifetime guarantee that’s indicative of all of our handcrafted walking sticks and walking canes, and you get the well-being that comes with owning and using a quality, handcrafted staff that’s perfect for exercise, or for fitness, or for recreation … or whatever!

It’s looking like this walking stick is the next big thing for Brazos Walking Sticks, so hop on the trail with The Feel of Natureā„¢.

Nature Photographers — This Is For You!

Our Photographer’s Stick is a versatile tool — it’s both a monopod and a walking stick! And if you add a compass, the stick offers you even more flexibility. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of walking sticks! (The thread mount accommodates any standard camera, from a cheap drugstore disposable to a pro model Nikon or Canon.) Pick one up for yourself or as a special gift for that photo enthusiast in your life. And if photography isn’t your passion, simply browse our selection. With the widest variety of handcrafted walking sticks and canes, we’re sure to have something that’s a perfect fit for you!

Photographers, Take Notice!

We’ve got a couple of hot new products that we’re really excited about — the Photographer’s Stick and the FitnessWalkers.

For this post, we want to take a few moments to talk about our Photographer’s Stick. The Photographer’s stick is really an innovative idea, especially for nature photographers who need to carry both a walking stick and a monopod. With the Photographer’s Stick, you’ve got both of those tools in one simple package.

photo stick 1

photo stick 2

photo stick 3

Our trusty Photographer’s Stick is incredibly versatile. But don’t just take our word for it, check out what photographer extraordinaire Kent Weakley says about our Photographer’s Stick:

Welcome To The New Brazos Walking Sticks

Our longtime customers have probably already noticed that we’ve changed a few things around here. We’ve updated the look of our website, added some new features, added new products, and now we’re working with a fully-integrated blog — and you’re talking to it right now!

About the new website in general, our goal is to continue to provide our customers with the widest and best selection of handcrafted, made-in-the-USA walking sticks and canes, and to continue our tradition of excellent customer service. We know that we only exist because of you, our customers, and we believe our new website gives us the tools to introduce new and innovative products, while allowing us to bring these products to you with ease and reliability.

The vision for our blog revolves around the idea that our customers are best served when they’re well-informed. On the blog we’ll feature new products, walking/hiking tips, exciting and relevant photographs, Brazos Walking Sticks news, and much more.

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Welcome to the new Brazos Walking Sticks.