Camera-Compatible Walking Sticks Are Perfect Tool For Nature Shots During Winter Hikes

rustic walking stick for photographyThe chance to escape a world of commotion and explore the sights and sounds of nature are two of the reasons why walkers and hikers value their excursions so much. The opportunity to truly get away from it all doesn’t come often but when it does, we want to capture it and take those memories home with us.


That’s why a rustic-style photo-assisting walking stick is such a crucial investment for the avid hiker and photographer; it gives you the chance to “capture” two birds with one stone. First, you’ll be exploring the nature you love so much with a steady walking or hiking stick at your side, and second, you’ll have a dependable device to steady your camera while taking photos of wildlife and nature. If you’ve recently received a DSLR camera as a holiday gift, here’s why a walking stick that doubles as a monopod is one accessary that won’t be collecting dust in the closet come spring.


For starters, the best walking sticks that double as camera supports offer the ability to attach most of today’s DSLRs with a photo mount screw. If your camera attaches to a tripod, it will attach to these dual-purpose walking sticks. All you’ll have to do is sling your camera strap around your shoulder or neck and keep an eye out for awe-inspiring shots or wildlife in their natural habitat. This type of walking stick is truly an essential addition to the nature photographer’s hiking kit.


The rugged construction and durability of a rustic walking stick for photography ensures that it’s made to stand up against the varying natural terrain you’re bound to encounter. The sticks are carved from hand-selected hickory sticks that are cut and sanded individually to offer a one-of-a-kind appearance, and can be used on walks and hikes with or without a camera. If you’re looking for something that’s a far cry from aluminum poles, a camera-compatible walking stick is certainly an option that does double-duty and will enhance both nature treks and photography.


For more personalization, or if you’re buying a gift for the hiker/photographer in your life, the sticks can be engraved with names, important dates, or a favorite phrase. Create a memorable gift and make the photographer smile by personalizing their photo stick.


Now that it’s winter, those living in colder climates across the U.S. will likely have the opportunity to explore forests, riverbeds and hilly regions coated with a fresh layer of untouched snow. These breath-taking shots will impress friends, family and fellow photographers alike. Similarly, the chance to snap a few pictures of animals foraging for food or birds that have migrated to different regions of the country can be irresistible photo opps for photographers. With a walking stick that helps to steady you when you’re moving and your camera when you’re shooting, you’ll have the support you need to click the shutter at a moment’s notice even on uneven terrain, or when using a telephoto lens. Merge one of these sturdy sticks with water-proof boots and gloves, snowshoes and insulated pants and you’ll have a kit  that will give you increased range as you explore the world around you in search of unique shots this winter.