Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

… about our rubber tips.

Those little rubber tips that go on the end of walking sticks are called various things around here: stoppers, tips, ferrules, end caps, et cetera. (Technically we call them “rubber ferrules,” but most commonly we call them “stoppers”.)

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Those multi-named little pieces of rubber come standard on all of our finely crafted walking sticks and canes. They’re not crafted from some El Cheapo rubber either; rather, the quality of the rubber is so high that the stoppers actually smell like tires (put your nose up to one and see what we’re sayin’).

Generally speaking, rubber ferrules are made with rubber and clay. Your typical cut-rate, Dollar Store style stoppers usually have more clay than rubber, thus they wear out quickly. Our high quality rubber ferrules on the other hand are built to last, for months and months (depending on frequency of use).

What’s more, our ferrules are reinforced with a steel washer, so they can take the day-to-day pounding and abuse that our most ardent hikers and cane enthusiasts like to put on a stick.

All of our walking sticks and canes come with a standard rubber ferrule, but now you know that there isn’t anything substandard about that piece of high quality rubber that’s helping you grip the ground.

Need a replacement and want to know how to size one? Here’s the information from our website:

To size a ferrule correctly you’ll need to measure the exact diameter of the bottom of your walking stick or walking cane. The size of the stick diameter should correspond roughly to the size of the ferrule you will need. Keep in mind, these rubber tips are somewhat pliable (a good thing!), so if the ferrule opening is slightly smaller than the diameter of the bottom of your cane or stick, you’ll be just fine — it’ll stretch to accommodate the difference. It’s better to get a slightly smaller ferrule for your needs, than a slightly larger one.

– Premium quality rubber tip for walking sticks and walking canes
– .875″ hole diamater

All rubber isn’t created equally. Most drug store, discount rubber tips (ferrules) are made with an excess of clay mixed with rubber, the result is a cheap cane/stick tip that will wear out within a couple of weeks of extensive use.

Our premium rubber ferrules are just that, premium. The high quality rubber used to make our walking stick ferrules will last for months under normal use, and even years if used sporadically. If used for step by step support, you can expect our premium ferrules to last at least two to three months, but “mileage” will vary depending on walking conditions.

Our rubber ferrules have a wide grip, allowing more of the ground to be grasped while you’re walking, thus offering superior support. Furthermore, our ferrules all have a metal washer inside, thus offering even more support and stability which will, in turn, allow the ferrule to last longer. Low quality ferrules do not have metal washers inside of them.

Best of all, our premium rubber ferrules come standard on all of our walking sticks (unless an upgraded spike option is chosen).