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I don’t usually leave feedback but thought I needed to on this order. I received my walking stick before my estimated delivery.
What a beautiful piece of workmanship. It looks even nicer than I thought it might look. I don’t really need a walking stick for walking but thought it would be nice to have in case of a snake or dog.
I am already looking on your website for my next one to buy. The only problem is you have so many to choose from. keep up the good work and I will be letting people know about your product.

A satisfied customer, David

Enabling The Disabled

Here are a few nice words from a woman who found our website:

I just wanted to let you know that I have tried searching for a replacement for my aluminum cane three times in the past 4 months. Each time I have stopped within a day because the search was so depressing … it made me feel old and reminded me of my disability (which is fairly new to me). When I found your website, everything changed. I am really enjoying perusing your gorgeous products and am extremely grateful I found it.
— Melissa

Wood Walking Cane
Wood Walking Cane

Customer excited to have his “tool” back and his independence

Dear Brazos Sticks,

Hi, my wife and I are the parents of a child with Cerebral Palsy, Spencer. Cerebral Palsy affects Spencer’s legs and left arm making independence a challenge.

We recently found your walking sticks at a local store and bought a Twisted Aromatic Cedar for Spencer to assist with his ability to walk independently. Independence is a big thing in his life and your sticks have added to his quality of life.

Since buying your stick he has gotten several compliments, especially at church.

When his brothers broke his stick today he was devastated. My wife ran to the local store and found him another Twisted Aromatic Cedar and in fact she bought him 2 sticks this time. The second is a Twisted Oak-Brown.
When Spencer received his new sticks he was so excited to have his “tool” back and his independence.
Thanks for making a high quality stick, we are sure there will be many more in Spencer’s life time.

Darin and Peg Chartier

Twisted Aromatic Cedar Walking Stick
Twisted Aromatic Cedar Walking Stick

Libertyville, IL